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AGC was founded and incorporated in 2003 as a management and business consultancy organization specializes in the field of testing, inspection, consultancy, training and certification and to assist and represent various international companies seeking business opportunity through joint ventures and cooperation in the Philippines in the field of power, oil and gas, refinery, information technology and semiconductor/electronics technology, and. infrastructure and real estate development. In general, AGC's services were channeled toward two specific ends: the promotion of business excellence through comprehensive training course offerings and consultation.

By 2013, the company has progressively matured to realize the value of ISO standards and working with MSMEs to attain business success: effective quality management system documentation results to continuous improvement and enhanced customer satisfaction. Nowadays, a growing number of organizations are adopting ISO standards into their business processes, regularly sending out regular employees for training or contracting external consultants  or both. The current trends in global competitiveness such as globalization, protectionism, the formation of new trade blocs, competition based on costs, the new ranking of global players, and the rush for economic growth, urged manufacturers to utilize ISO standards to play a vital role in defining their corporate and business identity.


AGC is also an affiliate and shareholder of FREYSSINET International Manila Inc. (FIMI), a subsidiary of Soletanche Freyssinet (SF) of France, a company involved in construction and specializing engineering services.

Our Mission

  • AGC shall provide professional technical and engineering training services that will develop skills enhance capabilities and support career growth and development.

  • AGC shall provide consultancy services to companies and organizations that aim to consistently provide quality products and services, promote customer satisfaction, and continually improve business processes through the establishment and implementation of management systems.

  • AGC shall provide testing, inspection, applied research and technology applications with aim of achieving quality and safety of the industry. We are committed to provide professional services through Innovative Technology prompting us to expand by setting up dedicated product laboratories to meet industrial product requirements.

Our Vision

AGC shall be the premier training, consultancy and testing service provider both locally and globally for professionals and business industries, as we strive to provide a cost-effective way in the development, growth and stability, thus increasing competitive advantages.

  • Be the premier learning centre in providing technical training skills, courses and certification.


  • Be a market leader in the areas of testing, analysis, inspection and calibration.


  • Be a strategic third-party partner and laboratory testing service provider.

Image by David Gavi

Our Policy

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