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Our Services


AGC provides professional technical and engineering training services that will develop skills, enhance capabilities and support career growth and development.


AGC offers expert advice and technical consultancy services to companies that aims to consistently provide excellence, quality products and services, promote customer satisfaction, and continually improve business processes. 


We offer testing laboratories are utilized by all manner of businesses to provide objective analytical data on the quality of a product or a process. 


Geotechnical & Offshore Investigation Services

Geotechnical Investigation Services are vital in construction, providing essential data on subsurface conditions. This analysis informs foundation design, mitigates risks, and enhances structural integrity. It supports long-term performance, sustainability, and compliance with regulations. Geotechnical investigations are a proactive investment, enabling informed decision-making for resilient and successful infrastructure projects.

AGC represents Conetec for its operations in the Philippines

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Food & Property Hygiene Management

Food and Property Hygiene Management offer affordable solutions to the problems with pests, including food and property hygiene and integrated pest management.

Food and Property Hygiene Management has a wide range of benefits.

  1. to protect public health

  2. to protect food safety

  3. to protect property values

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