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• To understand the Basic Hygiene requirements in a food manufacturing plant; and

• To understand the methods and procedures in preventing and reducing contamination of food products.


Course Outline (1 day)

• Definition of Basic Hygiene and Sanitation

• Objectives of Hygiene and Sanitation

• Importance of Hygiene and Sanitation

• Methods and Ways to Prevent and Reduce Contamination

• Types of Contaminants

• Influence of Time and Temperature on the Growth of Bacteria

• Good Manufacturing Practices

a) Personnel Hygiene and Habits

b) Personnel Health, Sanitary and Refreshment Facilities

c) Basic Micro and Aseptic Sampling

d) Sanitary Operations

Mr. Noel F. Paje

Registered Specialist Microbiologist of Philippine Academy of Microbiology


Who should attend?

Manufacturing personnel directly involved in the production of food products. It could also be multidisciplinary participant coming from Production, Engineering, Warehouse and Quality Assurance.


• Php 7,500.00 + 12% Vat for the Training Center at The City Club Alphaland, Makati City

• Php 6,000.00 + 12% Vat for E-Learning

• Php 5,000.00 for Open Distance Learning (ODL)


Early Registration Payment: Ten-Percent (10%) Discount if PAID thirty (30) days before the training date

Group Discount: Five-Percent (5%) on Three (3) or More Participants


Banco de Oro (BDO)
Account Name: Aguila Group Companies (AGC) Development Corporation
Account Number: 00 543 801 3291
Swift Code: BNORPHMM

Payments also accepted through GCash

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